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September 17, 2007

Review my blog for a backlink

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Link Exchange

Whilst checking out a few new blogs on the scene, I discovered a brilliantly simple way to get backlinks. Offer a backlink from your blog in return for a review of your blog.

So here’s the deal…

  • You review my blog in 100 to 200 words.
  • Include the anchor text “Dan’s Peep At Life” with a link to the homepage and also link to this post.
  • You can link to anything else on the blog too.
  • The review can be good or bad, but the review must be in a blog post of its own.

For example:

Dan’s Peep At Life is a blog written by Daniel Harrison in which he gives his views on the environment, news, blogging world and anything else he finds amusing. If you review his blog, you can get a free backlink to your blog too!

Contact me when you’ve done the review, and I’ll link to your site. I’ll write a short post with a link to your site to say thanks.

Make money with Marc Eilbeck

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Marc Eilbeck Review

Marc Eilbeck dot com (not sure how the surname is pronounced, “ill-beck?”) is a blog featuring tips on how you can make money online. This is not just another money making blog, its a site featuring genuine techniques for earning cash. Marc’s writing style is very down to earth, and gives you the facts rather than exaggerated claims found on most new money making blogs (so that they can rip you off with affiliate schemes).

Marc posts tips daily, featuring useful tools, gossip in the blogging world, how to boost your productivity, new paid blogging services, plugins for wordpress that help monetise your blog and how you can build backlinks to your site. Definite a site to be adding to your RSS reader if you want to boost your earnings from your own blogs.

I like his link building idea, where you can review his blog to get a backlink. Thanks for the tip Marc, I’m using that one myself!

September 16, 2007

Visit the movie stars in LA!

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LA Sightseeing Review

If you’re planning a visit to the US soon, then make sure you visit LA. 24 million people visit Los Angeles every year for their vacation, so come and join them! With beaches, movie stars, 300 museums and 80 theatres, there’s plenty to do! LA is absolutely huge, so to make sure you visit the highlights, you’ll probably want to take a coach tour around LA. (more…)

Financial deals and offers from

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Bankaholic Review

The one obvious thing about the world of finance and banking is that the best deals and offers are continually changing. How do you know what banks have great service, but still have high interest money rates on their accounts? is a site that keeps you up to date with the best rates and deals on the market! (more…)

September 13, 2007

Gold Chains at GoldenMine

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Golden Mine Review

If you’re a person with style, and you love gold, then GoldenMine can help you with your jewelry needs. With over 20 years of experience, professional customer service, high quality affordable products and a massive range, GoldenMine is the place for you. (more…)

Herbal Vaporizers & Grinders

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Herbal Vaporizers

So what’s a herbal vaporizer then? Well, technically, vaporization is the point at which a substance is heated to where it becomes a gas. A herbal vaporizer is a device that heats a herbal substance to the point at which it releases the essence of the herb so that it can be inhaled. (more…)

Shopping for Wedding Rings Online

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Jewelry Vortex Review

Are you thinking of proposing to your loved one? Or perhaps you’re thinking of renewing your vows to each other? Or maybe you’re after some stunning jewelry? If so, Jewelry Vortex sells an amazing range of beautiful jewelry at affordable prices! (more…)

September 12, 2007

Invest in property with Overseas Property Shop

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Overseas Property Shop Review

If you’ve always to live abroad, or perhaps you want to buy a holiday home, then Overseas Property Shop can help! With hundreds of properties in Italy and Spain listed, years of experience, and tailored inspection trips, you can be confident of finding a great new home in in Europe! (more…)

Thirstys – beermat design and promotion services

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Thirstys Review

How often have you found yourself staring at a beer mat? When heading out with friends to the local pubs, do catch yourself reading the beermat? What if you could advertise your business on a beermat? (more…)

Simply and cost-effective way to get backlinks to your site

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Submit Comfort Review

If you’ve got a brand new website, you’ll want to get it indexed quickly. Gaining back links from web directories is a great way to do this, but its a very time consuming process. Submit Comfort offer great submission services to match all budgets to help get your website indexed and ranking highly in the search engine results. (more…)

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