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January 28, 2009

Save time and hassle

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If you need to add the same information to letters or envelopes, or any other stationary, regularly then a rubber stamp could save you a lot of time and hassle. There are a wide range of stamps available to meet your requirements, I was pleased to see Eco Friendly Stamps available now as well. There are self-inking variations too, saving the problems of storing ink and reducing any potential mess as well.

Red Dwarf back

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Red dwarf

One of my favourite TV shows, Red Dwarf, is returning to TV for an Easter special. Red Dwarf initially ran for 8 series between 1988 and 1999, it’s had a long break and is being eagerly anticipated. (more…)

January 27, 2009

Brightening up your home with new lighting

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Home Lighting

With the credit crunch, it’s worth spending a little bit of money on your home to dress it up a little. You can do small home improvements such as redecorating, changing door handles, upgrading light fixtures, changing carpets and more. Spending a little money helps the economy, but you can also make your house more of a home too! (more…)

January 26, 2009

Justice for Viking killing

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Judge's gavel

The news can so often seem rather depressing, and this story didn’t help my mood. An older man killing his young girlfriend and their son. He even laid his son out as if for a viking burial, with his toys around him and a torch in his hand. (more…)

January 23, 2009

Get help fighting for your rights

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Frank Jenkins

If you’ve suffered injury it can be very difficult getting on with your life. A Lexington personal injury lawyer can help victims get the compensation they deserve, for loss of earnings, medical expenses, bills, even for the pain & suffering generally. They use ethical but tough litigation, and fight for your rights, leaving you free to recover from your injury worry free.

A helping hand with weight loss

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Sometimes everyone needs a helping hand, and when you’re trying to lose weight this can be even more true. There are a number of diet pills available, but you need to check the ingredients carefully to make sure it will have the effect you want. Apidexin helps to speed up metabolism, reduce body fat and optimise thyroid function. With a lifetime money back guarantee and good value for money it could be the helping hand for you.

January 21, 2009

Add the personal touch without the effort!

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Wedding Invite - Lilac Spring style

When it comes to your big day it’s natural to want everything to be perfect, and sometimes that home-made touch can add that extra special feeling. However, it can also be very time consuming and there are usually better ways to spend you time. However, you can get customized wedding invitations, favours, menu cards etc so you get exactly what you want without all the work of actually doing it yourself!

Global warming reduced in the farms

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Global warming could be slowed by growing certain crops in Europe and America. By choosing the right plants, solar energy could be reflected back into space rather than kept trapped. (more…)

January 19, 2009

What would be your dream job?

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Australian coast

Very few people really enjoy their work, and those that do often aren’t paid well. However, a job recently advertised in Australia really would seem like a dream job to many. They are looking for someone to be caretaker on Hamilton Island, to live rent free in a 3 bed villa and swim, sail and snorkel. On top of this comes a salary of

January 18, 2009

Eat your way to a healthy lifestyle

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You know that eating fresh fruit and vegetables are good for you, but have you ever thought why? Phytonutrients are plant-based nutrients that help boost immunity, promote health and reduce the chance of developing certain diseases. It’s long been understood that plant vitamins, minerals, and fibre are good for your health, but there is growing evidence to suggest that there are even more benefits to unprocessed vegetables and fruits.

As you heat or process plant material, naturally occurring compounds can be damaged. If the beneficial chemicals are broken down or changed, they won’t give you as much benefit compared to the raw fruit or vegetables. Eating fresh food is a real privilege, where you can enjoy the best that natural food has to offer.

PhytoLife gives you detailed information and recipes to help you get the best from phytonutrients. A healthy diet with fresh food can also help you lose weight! So rather than pay for fad diets that don’t work, learn about the benefits of fresh and healthy foods.

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