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September 11, 2007

Boost your fitness and wellbeing with Fitness Answers

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Fitness Answers Review

Gained a little bit of weight recently and want to burn it off? Or perhaps you want to bulk yourself up with a bit more muscle? Or maybe you just want a healthier lifestyle and to get fitter? It sounds like you might benefit from an online personal fitness trainer.

Fitness Answers is a website run by certified conditioning and personal trainer Mike Colella, who has created the website to provide a fitness resource for his clients. Mike has worked with many different people, helping them to reach their goals and address problems such as osteoarthritis, diabetes, frozen shoulder, previous knee surgery, chronic shoulder dislocations and back pain.

Mike’s about page contains full details of his impressive qualifications, which gives you the reassurance that he knows his stuff. Mike is fully qualified to help you to lose weight or improve your fitness, where you can benefit from his wealth of experience. Losing weight is not just about more exercise, its ensuring that you eat the right foods too. Mike can give you practical advice on eating healthy to ensure you get to the weight you want.

If you don’t live in the Phoenix, Arizona area, you can still get help by email and telephone. Mike can give you a workout plan online, which you can work to at your own pace at your own local gym too!

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