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September 20, 2007

Buying a bit of Bulgaria

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Bulgarian Flag

Bulgaria is an upcoming European country, with a rapidly expanding economy and a growing tourism trade. Many Western Europeans are making their way over to Bulgaria, even buying a bit of Bulgaria real estate as a holiday home or an investment.

New properties are popping up everywhere, and its not surprising with Bulgaria’s beautiful landscapes, growing ski resorts, coastal views, and friendly population. Grabbing your piece of Bulgaria property is a great investment, with properties to match all budgets.

If you’re not ready to invest in Bulgaria, but you just want to visit, then you can pick up really cheap Bulgaria flights from many major cities across the world. With stunning sea views and spectacular ski slopes, its no surprise that tourism is booming in Bulgaria.

A 2001 census shows that 84.5% of the population speak Bulgarian in Bulgaria, hardly unsurprising really. Therefore to enjoy Bulgaria, you’ll probably want to book a tour along with your Bulgaria flight bookings. You’ll want a translator and a guide to really see the best bits!

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