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October 29, 2008

New Bond Film

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Daniel Craig as James Bond

The Royal Premiere of Quantum of Solace is showing tonight, 2 days before the film opens across the country. This will be the first ever sequel in the history of Bond, and apparently doesn’t feel much like a Bond film, although it is expected to be even bigger than the last Bond film starring Daniel Craig. (more…)

August 25, 2008

Experience the fun of a Branson Getaway

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New Shanghai Circus

Branson, Missouri, is known as the Live Entertainment Capital of the world, so if you want a fantastic getaway why not consider one of the options available in Branson. (more…)

July 29, 2008

Enjoy the big screen outside

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Inflatable screen at an outdoor event

If you’re planning a big event, whatever the occasion, what could be make it more special than arranging to watch movies in the park on big inflatable screens. (more…)

January 7, 2008

Professional Mulit-language DVD Subtitles

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Movie Reel

If you have a professional video or DVD, then you can make your production accessible to a range of non-English speakers by using subtitles. The Video Caption Corporation provides a comprehensive dvd subtitle service, with a network of experienced translators that are able to translate the audio into over 40 different subtitled languages.

Rather than just literally translate the spoken words into a different language, the translators use localised dialects and colloquialisms to ensure the subtitles represent what is meant by the spoken conversation. This results in a more natural translation, and therefore a much more professional touch to your DVD and video presentations.

November 21, 2007

Love Movies? Create your own home theater!

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Home Cinema Review

If you love movies, and you have a bit of space room, how about creating your own home cinema? I’ve often thought about creating my own little cinema with the authentic seats, furnishings and big screen! Creating your own home theater is not that difficult once you have the screen and projector set up. You just need your seats, home theater carpet, DVD and popcorn! And if that’s not enough, you can decorate your home cinema with movie merchandise to give it a Hollywood feel too.

October 25, 2007

How to spice up your Halloween party!

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Sexy Costumes Review

It’s nearly that time again, 31st October and Halloween! Got a party to go to? Want to really make an impression? How about choosing from this massive range of sexy costumes? Clearly if you’re a bloke wearing one of these costumes, you’ll make more of an impression than the ladies! However, naughty costumes are not just for Halloween as you can re-use the costume to really give your other half a real treat.

October 18, 2007

Run your own charity poker night

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Poker Tables Review

There does seem to be a huge craze surrounding poker at the moment, and everyone wants to have a go at it! Why not use this popularity to host your own charity poker event, with all proceeds going to a deserving local charity? It doesn’t take much to get started. All you need are some chips, cards and a few professional poker tables to really make the event look exciting. You could even start the event with a 3-course meal to make a whole evening of it!

September 12, 2007

Posh Cars for the Stars

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Cars for Stars Review

Is it your nearest and dearest’s birthday soon? Perhaps you’re getting married and you want to arrive at the church in style? Attending a special dinner and want to make an impression? Then Cars for Stars can help you find luxury cars for that special occasion! (more…)

September 11, 2007

What’s in a name?

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Names and their Meanings Review

Ever wanted to know what your name means? Does it mean divine? Does it mean wise? Does it mean princess? Have a peek at Names and their Meanings, and find out what yours means. (more…)

September 10, 2007

Your favourite babes at Miss Desktop

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Miss Desktop Review

Did Meg Ryan make you melt in Sleepless in Seattle? Did Julia Roberts take your fancy in Pretty Woman? Want to find out everything about your favourite movie stars and pop babes? Then take a trip to little Miss Desktop. (more…)

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