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October 22, 2007

Diamonds and Rings from

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OnDiamond Review

Are you looking for diamonds for your loved one? Perhaps you’re thinking of buying an engagement ring so that you can pop the question? I’ve found a really professional website where you can buy diamond rings as well as loose diamonds. OnDiamonds have their own inventory of diamonds, rather than acting as a reseller for another company. Therefore you can choose from the diamonds that they actually have in stock using a very nifty tool.

Using the diamond selection tool, you can choose from the price, number of carats, colour, the cut and the clarity. Each time you choose a different option, you are presented with a list of diamonds that match your requirements. It’s a smart little tool.

If you want to take a closer look at the diamonds, you might prefer a local store, such as houston diamonds or chicago diamonds. You can visit the showroom yourself and see how the diamond looks in your choice of jewellery. The mounting of the diamond can also be completed within hours too!

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