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October 23, 2007

Does your business accept credit cards?

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Merchant Express Review

In this day and age, credit cards offer the safest, easiest and quickest form of payment for a variety of goods and services. Even on the high street, literally every shop you go into has some form of credit card processing facility. Some credit cards offer incentives for purchases on cards such as loyalty points and cashback, and therefore there’s little need for cash most of the time!

Whatever business you have, its likely that you would need some degree of credit card processing facility to ensure you can maximise the number of sales you can get. For example, most people will only use a credit card for any purchases via the internet, and so its essential that you have internet credit card processing, otherwise you would not get any sales!

Thankfully, you need very little hardware to accept credit cards now, since its all software credit card processing using a standard PC to run the software. Merchant Express offer a range of devices and packages to help your business with your credit card processing needs.

Oh, and they take credit cards as payment too!

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