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September 3, 2007

Google Adsense expands Referral Ads packages

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Adsense Referrals
Screenshot: Adsense Referral

Google Adsense has now extended their offerings for earning money via referrals. When looking at the Referrals section in the Adsense Setup section, you can now choose specific adverts for websites in a large number of categories. If a user signs up via one of your links, you earn a fee based on that referral.

The categories of referrals include Animals, Computers & Electronics, Internet, Finance & Insurance, Shopping and many more. You can also still get advertisements for the Google Products too. There are hundreds of adverts to choose from, and you can search the adverts too. The adverts are both graphical and text-based, with the diagram above showing you what options you have to choose from. An example of a graphical advert is shown below.

It’s nice to see Google offering many more advertising revenue streams, but I found the interface to be very cumbersome. I had trouble navigating using the standard web browser buttons, I had to use the links on the page. I really don’t like that, particularly as the page design suggests you can use the back/forward buttons without incident.

However, I imagine the interface will improve over time, but it will be hard work managing adverts on a website, so I won’t be using them. You can use up to 3 referral adverts in addition to normal contextual link limits, so its very generous really.

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