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October 9, 2007

Lock boxes – high security shared key storage

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Lock Boxes Review

Is it me, or is life getting more hectic nowadays? Many families have two working parents, in addition to a busy schedule of activities, hobbies and interests. This means families are in and out of the home at many different times. Trying to coordinate all of this needs something short of a miracle! Lock boxes are great little gadgets that allow you to store keys for a property in a secure box.

If you home is already fitted with a lock, or you’ve spend some money on decent door hardware such as the Cal Royal range, then there’s no need to change that lock. A lock box securely stores your lock in a high security box that can only be opened with the correct combination. So you’ll never need to worry about getting locked out again!

If you’re having lots of building work being carried out on your property, you can use a lock box to give the tradesmen access to your home. This means you can stay at work and leave the keys in the lock box. You can easily change the combination after each job too. If you’re selling your home, then Real Estate lock boxes allow you to provide the keys to the property when you’re not around so that the agent can show prospective buyers around.

Definitely a useful little device, and certainly make life easier!

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