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October 26, 2007

Make money from renting your parking space

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Renting your parking space

If you have a spare garage space, allocated parking space, or some off-road area available for parking, then you can earn yourself some extra cash by renting it. provide a service to handle all of the hard work of renting out your parking space, such as contracts, finding a tenant and collecting money for you.

So why bother to rent a garage or parking space then? What’s in it for the tenants? Renting a parking space from a private individual is much cheaper than parking fees, season tickets, contract parking and local storage companies. Therefore there’s a simple financial incentive. Then the benefit to you is that you earn some extra cash. By using an agency, they take a small fee to handle all the hard work.

London Parking is a nightmare, as there are far more cars than there are parking spaces. Therefore you can earn a lot from renting your space in London, you can see how much spaces are going for in the Parking London section on ParkLet. However, renting spaces near to hospitals, universities and airports can also earn you a small fortune too.

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