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November 7, 2007

Paid Posts – lowering the quality of your blog

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I’ve been doing a huge stint of paid posts lately to earn some extra cash. Sadly, I’ve managed to saturate Peep At Life with posts on a whole range of subjects. But I have learnt a few things that are worth noting.

  • Most sites that pay for blog posts are often very dull, and are not naturally attractive to visitors to get promoted virally.
  • Paid posts can be very lucrative, and if you signed up to all paid post systems and you have a blog with a Google Page Rank of 4 or more, you can easily make paid posts a full time job. However, you will lose visitors on your site if you have too many.
  • After a while, you keep seeing the same type of site over and over again, and you lack inspiration to write posts about that type of site.

It does make me wonder what the ideal volume of paid posts on a blog can be, versus your own high quality posts. And furthermore, would a widget that allows your visitors to hide paid posts to just see normal content be useful?

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