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September 17, 2007

Review my blog for a backlink

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Link Exchange

Whilst checking out a few new blogs on the scene, I discovered a brilliantly simple way to get backlinks. Offer a backlink from your blog in return for a review of your blog.

So here’s the deal…

  • You review my blog in 100 to 200 words.
  • Include the anchor text “Dan’s Peep At Life” with a link to the homepage and also link to this post.
  • You can link to anything else on the blog too.
  • The review can be good or bad, but the review must be in a blog post of its own.

For example:

Dan’s Peep At Life is a blog written by Daniel Harrison in which he gives his views on the environment, news, blogging world and anything else he finds amusing. If you review his blog, you can get a free backlink to your blog too!

Contact me when you’ve done the review, and I’ll link to your site. I’ll write a short post with a link to your site to say thanks.

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