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August 31, 2007

The Bourne Ultimatum – better than Bond?

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The Bourne Ultimatum

With the recent release of The Bourne Ultimatum as the 3rd in the series after The Bourne Identity, and The Bourne Supremacy, its perhaps worth asking ourselves where spy films are going, and what makes the best film?

Jason Bourne is coming to terms with his past, and has had a high level of specialised training in surveillance, weapons, self defence, defensive driving, evasive techniques for his role as an assassin for the treadstone project. In the films, you see him using improvisation for escape and defence, rather than a whole arsenal of weapons and gadgets.

Bond, James Bond, on the other hand, has the gadgets, cars, fancy weapons and many ladies. As M once said to Bond in Tomorrow Never Dies, “you’re a relic of the cold war, a dinosaur”. Since Bond hit our silverscreens in 1962, Bond has used his spy gadgets and over-the-top diversions to evade escape. Don’t get me wrong, Bond is a lot of fun, especially with the new image cast by Daniel Craig as the current James Bond.

However, Bourne is my current favourite due to his intelligent improvisations, which reminds me of another favourite, MacGyver. Making the best of a situation, without special gadgets, is a true talent. Spy or not!

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