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October 24, 2007

Thinking of taking a Sports Mangement master class?

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Sports Direction Review

If you have a solid career, but due to family commitments and the cost of living, you have to stay with your full time job? But you’ve considered a career change? Then perhaps you might want do a distance learning course, such as Sports Management. This gives you the flexibility to work when you have the free time to do so, and still become qualified in a vocational sports career.

You can do a cursos en direccion deportiva (course in sports management and direction) with the highly regarded Kernaba Institute. The Kernaba Institute has 13 years experience of training sports directors, developing them personally and giving them strong professional career propects. The Institute strongly believes in confidence, friendliness, quality of life, social responsibility and cultural diversity. With such high standards, doing a master en direccion deportiva (masters in sports direction) the Kernaba Institute will definitely put you on the right path.

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