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October 11, 2007

UK faces even more planned postal strikes

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The UK has had to endure a period of 4 days of postal strikes that have occurred over a weekend. The first strike started at noon on Thursday, 4 October until noon on Saturday, 6 October. The second strike was from 0300 BST on Monday, 8 October until 0300 on Wednesday, 10 October. There have been residual postal services in this time, but in practice, the network completely shut down. However, Royal Mail and Communication Workers Union have not come to an agreement, so more strikes are planned.

The new strikes are planned each for 24 hours starting from 15th October. There are a number of strikes by different areas of the postal network, effectively acting like a cascade. It’s quite amusing to see the Royal Mail apology, but also terrifying that the postal workers can enforce so much damage to what’s become an essential (yet unreliable) delivery system.

I can vaguely understand where each side is coming from, but I don’t think they realise that the strikes are seriously damaging the reputation of Royal Mail and will dent their turnover in the long term too. The longer the strikes continue, the more likely that dependent businesses will find an alternative delivery service. As more business moves away from Royal Mail, the less revenue Royal Mail generates, and therefore the more likely it will be that Royal Mail will have to make redundancies.

I’ve become rather fed up with Royal Mail’s unreliability over the years. It amuses me that you can no longer insure a mobile phone sent in the post for more than

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