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October 10, 2007

Unhappy relationships are bad for the body

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Couple Arguing

Long term stress is bad for the body, its common knowledge. A bit of stress in the short term can be a useful motivator if you can direct your energies to getting back to the stress-less state. However, if you have an unhappy personal relationship with your significant other, it can be just as harmful to your health.

A new study indicates that picking an incompatible partner can be worse for you than not having a partner at all. Heart problems have been shown to be the most likely symptom. Those with close relationships where arguments and criticism are common did show similar health problems. However, I wonder if those pre-disposed to being less happy are more likely to suffering from health issues. The research did take this into account, particularly with people who had negative personality traits or suffered from depression at some stage in their life.

On a more positive note, people with a close relationship with a friend, lover or relative can seriously reduce the risk of heart attacks. It’s not ground-breaking research, as it matches common sense. Just think, how often do you feel better for just getting a nice warm hug!?

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