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October 8, 2007

Can you skim a stone 51 times?

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Stone Skimming

Russell Byars has recently entered the record books by skimming a stone an amazing 51 times across water! I can do it about 4 times, but 51 times! Russell proudly shares his technique, and claims that anyone using his technique can easily skim a stone 15 to 20 times.

Amusingly, this chap is surprised at some aspects of his throwing technique, and can barely believe his achievement too. Scientists have spent a bit of time studying the technique using aluminum discs and a special catapult. The angle of the stone hitting the water, the amount of spin, the speed of the stone, and possibly even the location you attempt the skim.

I think you’re likely to get about 10 skims on a lake or flat water feature, but only a few if you try doing in the sea. Calm water seems to be a large influence on the technique. But 51 skims? Still very impressive.

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