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December 7, 2007

Learning and teaching english discussion forums

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English Forums Review

For those who have started to learn English, I bet you want to practice your skills and improve them? Some countries require you to have a basic level of English before you’re allowed to work in that country, and so there’s an incentive to improve the quality of your language. (more…)

Writing a great resume

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Resume Writing Review

We all know we should do it, but the vast majority of us hate doing it. Creating and updating our CV or resume is one of those things that never quite get done, but we know that if we spent the time on it, we could get a great job. A resume is the first part of you that an employer will see, and first impressions count. If you want help with resume writing, then can help! (more…)

October 24, 2007

Get that job with professional resume services!

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Resume Writing Service Review

Don’t you just hate it when you found that dream job, but your resume is just not up to date? You know you need to update your resume, but know that its hard work and it never sounds impressive enough. You can actually hire a professional resume writer to write your resume exactly the way it should be by a company with over 10 years experience! (more…)

Studying for professional and management qualifications

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IMF Formacion Review

If you want to complete a professional qualification, perhaps in risk assessment, management, marketing, human resource management, finance and many more roles, but you don’t want to go to college or University to do so, then there’s another way. By completing the course online and with books, you can study for a final exam which has a formal accreditation and recognised in industry. (more…)

September 6, 2007

What’s the best career for you?

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Career Descriptions Review

Are you stuck in a career you don’t enjoy, and fancy a new job? Or perhaps you’re just leaving school and you want to know where to head next? Then why not check out some potentially careers to see if they take your fancy? (more…)

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