My Peep At Life…

May 19, 2008

Do you Get It ??

Cw Jobs, Getitornot

Finally there is a job site that is designed for and by true computer geeks. You even have to pass a test in order to access the site! Hence the name – getitornot. Unless you ‘Get it’, you’re not technical enough to be applying for a technical job.

Thankfully I managed to prove my inner geekiness and accessed CWJobs easily. There is a huge wealth of information on there. Obviously there is the expected jobs pages, however, there is also career advice, a salary checker and advice for taking that first step into the world of contracting. The site was originally advertised in an IT magazine, where readers were told to google getitornot. This ensured that only technical people would follow the ad and find the site, which ranked highly in google. Now it’s growing online and uses the getitornot technical test for the same purpose. A final word from the site: If you don’t know your OS from your elbow, you should perhaps [Alt+Left] now. Getitornot?

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