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February 7, 2009

Finding the best credit card deals

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There’s no doubt about it, with so many financial products around even despite the credit crunch, where on earth do you start? Well, there are lots of financial comparison engines, but it’s nice to find a site dedicated to allowing you to compare credit cards and their respective deals.

I don’t have any debt apart from a mortgage, so I tend to look for the best zero interest credit card on purchases, so that I can earn interest in the bank until the card needs to be paid off. If you’re the kind of person who does have debt, then I suggest having a low interest credit card so that you don’t get swamped with an expensive bill.

To find a suitable card among the many available credit cards, I used the Compare Cards website to find the credit card I wanted. It allows you to choose the cards you’re interested in, save them, and then compare them later on. Great for working out which of many similar cards is the best deal for you!

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