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December 7, 2007

Learning and teaching english discussion forums

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English Forums Review

For those who have started to learn English, I bet you want to practice your skills and improve them? Some countries require you to have a basic level of English before you’re allowed to work in that country, and so there’s an incentive to improve the quality of your language.

Perhaps you’ve written a letter and want some help to make sure it has been correctly phrased. One really difficult rule is trying to remember how to sign off a letter correctly, e.g. yours faithfully or yours sincerely? Or perhaps you’re practicing your English by having a blog, and want someone to help you fix the mistakes. Well that’s where the English Forums come to the rescue!

If you’re a native English speaker, you can easily teach English to those who are inexperienced. Even if you just help them with a little bit of grammar or spelling. Something you’ll find very quickly on the English Forums is that its a welcoming community who will be more than happy to help you!

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