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August 28, 2007

Man subjected to tar and feather attack

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Man being Tarred and Feathered

BBC News is reporting today that someone in Northern Ireland was covered in a sticky residue and then covered in feathers. It’s claimed that police failed to act on information that the victim of the attack was alleged to be involved with drugs. Then the informers decided to take the law into their own hands with the tar and feather attack.

At first glance, you could view the attack as a bit of fun and harmless. However, the phase to use in this report is “attack”, since the attackers were acting against the law to humiliate the victim. You can understand that the Police at not able to act on provided information due to a lack of evidence or how the information was derived. It also begs the question how long a time frame the attackers were expecting the Police to respond.

No-one wants drug dealers on their streets, but its worth helping the police to get rid of them, rather than committing another crime to handle the matter yourself.

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