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October 31, 2007

Selling your home and renting it back

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Sell and Rent Your Home Review

If you have some debts that you want to clear out, but you have a mortgage on your own home, a possible solution that’s available to you is to sell and rent back your home. By selling your home to RepayMortgage, you can then rent back your property usually cheaper than your previous mortgage commitments. And if you wish to buy back your property back at some stage, you can do so.

RepayMortgage act as a cash property buyer, and so the house sale completes quickly. You still get to live in your own home, since the property will be rented back to you under a tenancy agreement. You can arrange a contract for any length of term too.

Since its likely you’ll want to get access to money quickly, RepayMortgage engage in a quick service so that you get a quick house sale. To avoid the need to pay upfront fees, RepayMortgage offer you a slightly lower valuation of your home to cover the cost of the fees. RepayMortgage can make an offer for your property, but you have no obligation to accept it.

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