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October 24, 2007

Studying for professional and management qualifications

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IMF Formacion Review

If you want to complete a professional qualification, perhaps in risk assessment, management, marketing, human resource management, finance and many more roles, but you don’t want to go to college or University to do so, then there’s another way. By completing the course online and with books, you can study for a final exam which has a formal accreditation and recognised in industry.

If you want to help companies and businesses to prevent injuries to their employees, then a course like master en prl (risk mangement and prevention) would appeal to you. With up to 600 hours of study and assessments, you simply take a final assessment to get your qualification. If you want to study general management, then consider something like a master en gestion integral (masters in general management) course.

Since the qualifications are industry recognised, you can also help yourself to earn more by getting yourself a promotion!

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