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September 12, 2007

Thirstys – beermat design and promotion services

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Thirstys Review

How often have you found yourself staring at a beer mat? When heading out with friends to the local pubs, do catch yourself reading the beermat? What if you could advertise your business on a beermat?

Most people find themselves looking at a beer mat at some point in an evening when at a bar or pub. If you had an eye catching and colourful advert on a beermat, imagine how many people would be reading about your business! How about a beermat that’s actually a post card? Your postcard could then sent to people to tell others about your business. Or you could put taxi numbers, special offers, discount vouchers, and more. Thirstys has a selection of beermat ideas that will give you inspiration to come up with your top idea.

Thirstys provide a design and printing service to help you advertising your business or promotion on a beermat. With great prices, plenty of experience and advice too! Thirstys have a distribution network as well, so they can help ensure your beermats get into a range of bars and pubs wherever you desire. For beermat advertising – think Thirstys!

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