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March 1, 2008

Your own piece of history

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Ford Mustang

Of all the classic cars available today one of the coolest is the Ford Mustang. It’s been used in many movies, including the James Bond film Goldfinger, and the forthcoming Knight Rider film, due to be released in 2008 is using a Ford Mustang for KITT. For many people maintaining a classic car is half of the fun in owning one, and thankfully you can easily obtain Mustang parts to keep your pride and joy running smoothly.

The first generation Ford Mustang, a 2 seat mid-engine roadster, was released in 1964 with one of the most successful launches in automotive history. In the first 18 months over 1 million cars were sold. This first model was later followed up with a 4 seat edition which won an intermural design contest. The 1973 model was a much larger car than the original, though this caused some concern from fans. This process of complaints from customers resulted in a much smaller model being designed, based on the Ford Pinto. Hence the second generation Mustang was produced in 1974. This allowed Ford to compete with the new smaller sporty import coupes of the time, such as the Toyota Celica.

While not originally designed as a performance car, through to the mid-70s the Mustang was used in the Trans Am Series, while today it remains a popular car for drag and track strip racing at both amateur and professional levels. You can even find the Ford Mustang in many computer games today, in fact the XBox has a Mustang Racing game which purely uses the different Mustang models from it’s 40 years history. The Mustang is now in it’s fifth generation and is still a popular car, having under gone 2 major redesigns in it’s history.

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